Founder’s Story

Our current food system is broken.

We’re visionaries who believe that we can do better. We know we can.

Our idea took root in a group who wants to reset the standard for the food industry. To return to the way food should be made: real, authentic, and delicious.

A brand that is purposeful and contemporary:  recipes crafted with seasonal ingredients and smaller batch sizes – based on the availability of ingredients we feel proud to buy. We work alongside farmers and growers to deliver with radical transparency from farm to table. In our minds, this is the way food should be made.

We’ll change the status quo for farming practices, conscious of making great-tasting food while generating a positive impact on our planet.  We partner with farmers who regenerate and restore natural resources. This is the shift from product footprint to handprint. We are on a mission to make an impact beyond just sustainability.

Trust and authenticity is important to us. And we’re pledging our truth to you.

We’re visionaries rising up from within the industry we need to disrupt. Born within Campbell Soup Company, we’re able to create something brand new.

Why shouldn’t we challenge the industry we’re in to lead the change? We’re embracing the knowledge and experience of a company that’s been around since 1869 while shattering the status quo.

Meet Hope Harvest.

Join us in our revolution to do better: for our planet, for nourishing our community – while making a product that doesn’t compromise deliciousness.